Also called Kata(Japanese) or Hyung (Korean), these are the traditional sequences of movements passed down through generations of instructors. While the Hyung of Tae Kwon Do were created in the 1950s and 1960s by General Choi Hong Hi, they are based upon movements that are centuries old. (For example, WonHyo is very similar to Karate's Heian Nidan, which is part of a Chinese form - Channan - dating back to the 1500s.)

These forms were mostly placed here for students that were not able to get them in writing this Fall semester 1998.

Chon Ji
Dan Gun
Do San
Won Hyo
Yul Gok

Palgwe 1 -  taught until Summer 1998
Palgwe 2 -  taught until Summer 1998

Tips for mastering a form:
1.  Make the movements crisp.
2.  Put power and attitude into your movement.  Pretend you are fighting attackers.  Before turning to a new direction, snap your head in that direction and perform the x that begins your blocking movements.
3.  In your walking stances, make sure your back leg is straight.  Also make sure your foot is flat against the ground, not up on the toes.
4.  Advanced:  Try not to vary your height as you step. When you step forward, do so in a crescent shape (

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